About Me

Hi I'm Kirsty,

If you’ve found me I know life isn't working for you anymore - you know you need to make some big changes but either you've failed in the past or you just don't know how to. You know you have the potential to live a bigger, brighter life, but something is stopping you. Perhaps its your confidence or your self- belief, or perhaps you don't think you deserve it. Well you DO deserve it, and you CAN do it. And I'm here to guide you through your journey.

I'm a qualified Life Coach, Master NLP Practitioner and Rapid Transformational Therapist with over 25 years experience helping people successfully transition through change.

I help my clients create happier, more fulfilling lives for themselves so that they can achieve their full potential. By bringing awareness and clarity to where they are now and where they want to be, helping them set goals, make plans, and clear blocks, my clients are achieving amazing personal transformations.

And you can too.

How do I know this is possible?

Because I transformed my own life.

As I was approaching 40, I found myself burnt out, unable to function on a physical and emotional level. Life got difficult and I had to take time out of a successful corporate career whilst I struggled with exhaustion, anxiety, grief and loss of confidence. The scary thing? I had no idea how I got to that point. I'd been living on auto pilot. And I thought I was OK. How does this happen? It's hardly surprising to me now, as I’ve since learned a staggering 95% of our brain's activities are carried out unconsciously. This means that less than 5% of our decisions, emotions, actions and behaviour are made consciously.

I was determined to get better so I educated myself about burn out, anxiety and stress. I studied neuroscience, mindfulness and habits. With a new found zest for learning I enrolled on an NLP taster session and realised this was it! I'd found my path. So I re-trained as a Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. 

With my new found confidence and passion for change I threw myself back into the corporate role, taking every opportunity to coach others. I still felt something was missing. A few years later I was presented with the 'opportunity' to take redundancy. I knew I no longer felt fulfilled but the prospect of leaving was still a scary one. Losing my mum to a sudden illness forced me to have one of those 'life's too short'moments so I left and trained with Marisa Peer, a renowned therapist and creator of the award winning Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT).

Having RTT myself gave me the confidence to finally step outside my comfort zone and pursue my dreams, and I'm now the proud owner of my own transformational coaching business. Every day I get to help people change their lives for the better. My dream of creating "a life I don't need a vacation from" is my reality.

​My journey (even the tough times) transformed the way I see and experience the world. My life, my attitude, my relationships and my career have changed for the better. 

And I want to help others succeed in their own transformation journeys.

Let me share what I discovered on my journey....

We never think about how our brain works until it doesn't work anymore. But everything we do is a pattern, a learned behaviour, and can be changed.

Greater awareness of our patterns gives us more choices. Our brains leave it up to our unconscious to make the vast majority of choices about our behaviours. Imagine taking back control of your brain!

Outdated beliefs can hold us back, whilst positive beliefs support our goals. Beliefs can be changed.

Our thoughts (positive or negative) drive our emotions which drive our behaviours. And guess what, thoughts can be changed.

Why work with me?

I bring all my experiences, skills and learning together to help you create and live a more fulfilling life, and develop the awareness and capabilities you need to deal with life’s challenges with a sense of purpose and control. At the heart of it, I help you get  off 'auto –pilot’ and start living consciously. 

I work with people to free them from fears and anxiety, build up their confidence and self esteem, release limiting beliefs, address health issues and ultimately create more fulfilling relationships and careers. It's about being your best self and living life to the full. 

I create a safe environment for you to explore how you're living now, how you want to be, and how you may be sabotaging your own success. It's a supportive, non-judgemental relationship, and everything we talk about is confidential. 

The best way to get to know me and find out if we’re a good fit is to contact me and book a free discovery chat.