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I had 2 sessions of RTT and some follow up coaching with Kirsty and I have found it totally transformational! I feel like at 49 my life has just begun. My relationships with my partner, family and friends have all improved and they've noticed the positive changes in me too.

If you're wondering whether to spend this money on yourself it's worth it for you and everyone in your life.

Before I worked with Kirsty I had terrible anxiety - stomach pains, heart palpitations, always crying, extreme emotional reactions, fears of going out, unexplained migraines, PMT, nail biting and stress. All these symptoms have disappeared... I now have normal responses to stressful or difficult situations especially at work which is still stressful but I'm not stressed!  Appropriate emotional responses so only crying in sad situations which is a big thing for me. I've stopped biting my nails and they look amazing, I never thought I could do that. AND I applied for jobs I would never have applied for before and signed up for a training course to learn something new, because I now think I deserve it and have more confidence and belief in myself. Don't hesitate to do this for yourself, it really is life changing.


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