Kirsty is an excellent coach. She is calm, compassionate, non judgemental and creates an environment and coaching relationship that is authentic and tailored to the person in front of her. 


Kirsty helped me work through a difficult stage in my life following a period of being a carer, which had resulted in me falling into a pattern of compromising my own needs to help other people and being in a perpetual state of anxiety. 

Kirsty combines her innate and natural coaching capability with technical skills in a way that helps get to the heart of an issue really quickly and move into practical action planning. I went into the sessions unsure of what I was trying to achieve beyond knowing something needed to change, and I came out the other side more in touch with who I am, what‘s important to me and with the confidence and self belief to act on it. 


Thanks to these sessions with Kirsty, I’ve got my sparkle back and it’s positively impacting all aspects of my life. It’s made a huge difference to me in both my personal and professional relationships and unlocked a part of me I had forgotten was there.  I’ve actually got more to give others as a result because I’m taking care of my own needs better and just generally feel like I’ve got my old self back.

Claire,  Wiltshire