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What is coaching?

As a skilled coach I work with you to unlock your potential, helping you bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. I do this by listening and asking powerful questions, employing a wide range of tools and techniques to find your ‘why’ and understand what’s been holding you back.

Once we know where you want to be, we work together to create a step by step plan to help you get there. I support and guide you through the changes you want to make, help you smash through barriers and hold you accountable so you achieve what you want.

Coaching is for people who want to move forward in life, with a strong focus on where you are now and where you want to be. The past is only used as a reference point to understand what old patterns of behaviour, beliefs or experiences may be sabotaging your success. In counselling or therapy the focus is usually on talking through your past. My belief based on personal experiences is that a combination of coaching and NLP is an effective way to deal with past trauma.

I’m trained in a number of coaching models and techniques so your experience will be flexibly tailored to meet your needs. Coaching sessions are led by you, and I’m your guide to make sure you get the best results, quickly.

What is NLP?

NLP is often referred to as the ‘Toolkit for the mind’. It helps us to understand how we view the world, how we behave, and what we can do to change it.

Neuro - How we think

Linguistic – How we communicate

Programming - how we behave

Understanding this gives us more awareness, more choices in how we communicate and act, and ultimately leads to better outcomes.

To understand NLP it’s just a case of understanding how our brains work.

Everything we experience in the world is filtered before it reaches our brain. This is because we can’t take in all the sensory information that exists around us so we look for what’s important for us and our survival. Most of that filtering is unconscious, so what we see, hear and feel is decided by what we have learned to let in.

Beliefs, past experiences, memories, and the way we usually make decisions dictate what makes it through the filters.

So our experience of the world is our internal representation of that experience.

Think about this for a moment – What’s not getting through your filter? if most of the filtering is done unconsciously, and the filters are created by us, what could you achieve if you changed them?

Our experience of the world is not the same as someone else’s.

What if you were better able to see someone else’s view of the world, and therefore change the way you interacted with them? Imagine what you could achieve in your personal relationships, your career, your future life?

NLP gives us the mindsets, concepts, beliefs and techniques to bring about change in ourselves and others. I use NLP within my coaching to create powerful, lasting change which has a ripple effect through your relationship with yourself and the people who are important to you?

I also use NLP to help people with stress & anxiety, phobias, business challenges and limiting beliefs.

What is transformational coaching?

Change is part of life, but we often get swept away with it and at best manage to make small changes just to get by. I want more than that for you, which is why I focus on transformational coaching, getting to the heart of who you are so your life is aligned with how you see your true self. Life is so much easier when you're being authentic. 

To make change 'stick' so it just becomes who you are and how you show up in the world, I focus in change at identity level, not just how you respond to your present circumstances. If you think of it as an onion with several layers - the outer layer being your environment or present circumstance, then as you peel each layer you delve into your behaviours, capability, and beliefs until you reach the core which is your identity - the 'real' you. The nearer you get to change at your core, the easier it is for the other unhelpful or limiting layers to fall away so you can more easily be the person you long to be. 

Often people are living with internal conflict which can cause physical as well as emotional pain. If you catch yourself thinking 'part of me wants to do X, but part of me wants to do Y' you are experiencing conflict. I help you understand the intention of these parts of you and how they can come together to find common ground and ultimately create more peace of mind for you.

When you change the way you see yourself, you create more possibilities in your life. I help you uncover and challenge the limiting beliefs that are 'secretly' sabotaging your attempts to change.  

Einstein famously said ' if you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got'. Everything we think and do is positively intended to keep us safe, but in our modern society this can stop us achieving our dreams and showing up as the person we want to be. It takes bravery to take a risk and not just change, but to transform, and the rewards of a bigger, brighter life are waiting for you if you do. 

What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) is a pioneering therapy created by award winning therapist Marisa Peer, who over 30 years has used this cutting edge method to transform the lives of  royalty, rock stars, Hollywood actors, Olympic athletes, CEOs, and political leaders.  It combines the most effective aspects of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programming and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. 

RTT goes deeper and gets results faster. Outstanding results can often be achieved in just 1 to 3 sessions. It works so well because rather than treating a person's presenting symptoms, RTT gets to, and removes the root cause of the issue. Negative beliefs and habits are explored and reframed, freeing the person from a lifetime of pain and enablng them to move forward in their life and achieve their goals. Clients are able to reach breakthroughs via hypnosis that would not be possible if they were simply trying to reach their subconscious mind via altered language and self-talk.

RTT is proven to be extremely effective for a wide range of issues and can help you:

  • Break bad habits and addictions.

  • Overcome fears and phobias.

  • Relieve anxiety, stress and depression.

  • Resolve past trauma. 

  • Improve relationships.

  • Gain more confidence and self belief.

  • Improve health issues such as migraines, insomina, allergies.

  • Shed weight.

RTT works directly with the unconcious mind so if you find yourself sabotaging your own success and don't know how or why RTT can uncover the cause.

How widely recognised is Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

It's so effective, it's been endorsed by the General Hypnotherapy Register, the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, the National and International Council of Psychotherapists, the American Board of Hypnotherapy, the International Association of Complementary Therapists, the International Institute of Complementary Therapies and many other International bodies.write clearly and consider adding examples.

In 2018 RTT received 13 awards in just 6 months including 5 prestigious Gold Stevie Awards in the USA.

What is a Rapid Transformation Therapy session like?

In a relaxed state of hypnosis I guide you back through the past and use a number of powerful proven techniques to free you from painful experiences and the limiting beliefs you acquired from them. My clients are always surprised at how calm and safe they feel throughout the experience, reporting a huge sense of calm and lightness afterwards. I love using RTT with clients because its just so effective at freeing them so they can move forward and live the life they really want.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a way of accessing a relaxed state similar to the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep state. Hypnosis is so effective as it allows direct access to the unconcious where all our memories, beliefs and habits are formed. Our thoughts give us suggestions all the time, usually negative ones, so we just want to give the mind more positive suggestions in line with what you want. Often once something is committed to auto pilot we need to regain conscious awareness so we can change the limiting belief or unwanted habit.

Rather than being asleep, it creates a heightened state of internal awareness. You need to be awake for hypnosis to work because you need your brain to be able to process the words. You are fully aware of where you are and what is happening, and you cannot be made to do anything you don't want to, so you're in control at all times.

Trance is a natural state and we go in and out of trance many times a day. Like when you're driving and suddenly realise you're lost, or when you're so focused on a film you forget where you are, or you've got so involved in a task that you don't notice someone has crept up behind you. 

So it's a normal state, we just induce it to access the unconcious mind that drives us.

What are the benefits of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

You can find out what my clients say for themselves on my testimonials page, but generally people feel they have more energy to do all the things they want to. They have better control over their emotions and reactions especially in stressful situations. They feel more confident and happy. They don't have to spend months or years in therapy so saving time and money, and of course benefit from feeling better more quickly.

They generally have a sense of calmness and freedom. Freedom is the overwhelming feeling for most of my clients.

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