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Anxiety Therapist

freedom From Anxiety Online Workshop

Discover how to find freedom from anxiety so you can get on with your life.... feeling calm & in control 

Calling all anxious, overwhelmed women in business who are fed up with their anxiety holding them back!

Do you wish you could find freedom from anxiety so you can feel calm & in control instead of fearful & out of control?

Do you want to feel confident you have the tools to manage stressful situations without letting anxiety get the better of you?


Well I'm here to tell you you can, so join me on my Freedom From Anxiety workshop. A live online workshop (next date TBC) for just £97 plus some amazing free bonuses including a month long online support community. 

Register interest now to be the first to find out when I launch the next course.

What we'll cover in the live workshop

Step 1


  • Share our experiences of anxiety.

  • Learn what anxiety really is.

  • Find out how we do it.

  • The science behind fight or flight.

Step 2

Belief Change

  • Discover the role of beliefs in anxiety.

  • Common beliefs that cause worry.

  • Challenge your own beliefs.

  • Learn 3 key rules of the mind.

Step 3


  • Learn & practice simple techniques for feeling prepared.

  • Practice techniques to manage stress 

  • How to plan...

Get on the waitlist now​

This workshop is such amazing value. It’s a launch offer so won’t be offered at this price again. 

Are you feeling like this?

  • You’ve felt anxious for so long now you don’t remember what it feels like to feel anxiety free.

  • You may be OK until something changes in your routine and you feel totally derailed and out of control.

  • Maybe you feel OK most of the time, coasting along with a sense of low-level worry… until you need to step up and something new then BOOM.  Massive trigger and you can’t do the thing you want.

  • It's exhausting. Everything is so hard. You’re fed up of feeling out of control of your behaviour, at the mercy of your anxious thoughts and feelings.

  • There’s bigger things you want to do in life and you don’t want this to hold you back anymore.

  • You believe that being anxious makes you a failure. You think you should feel confident & in control all the time.


You can change your relationship with anxiety & stop it ruining your life.

Now just imagine this instead

  • You have a normal response to stress. You know your triggers and have the mental toolkit to nip it in the bud.

  • You INSTANTLY know when your thoughts are trying to derail you. You just laugh and say "No not today. I'm in charge".

  • You are saying YES to doing more of the things you want to do, free from worry.

  • You have AMAZING COPING SKILLS and the tools to deal with anything life throws at you.

  • Panic attacks are a distant memory.

  • You are no longer being held back by your past story and the things that used to trigger you.

  • You know how to lift yourself up when you feel down.

  • Your confidence has increased and are no longer fearful of putting yourself out there.

  • You feel like you're being the role model you wanted to be for your kids.

  • You feel NORMAL!

Take action now because if not you might end up where I did and it's harder to climb out of rock bottom

I know what it's like to struggle with anxiety... I've been there

I developed anxiety a few years ago and ended up having a breakdown. Working excessive hours under sustained pressure in a corporate leadership role and ignoring the pleas from my poor body to slow down meant I was off work for 9 months. It got to the point where I was so anxious I couldn’t leave the house or drive the car. I was paranoid and fearful ALL the time. Panic attacks were frequent, and sleep was non existent. The only solution offered at the time was medication. But I knew I had burnout, not depression, so that wasn’t an option for me. I needed to find another way.

So I educated myself on how the mind works. Learned different techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and journaling. Just being aware of HOW I was creating the anxiety helped me feel more in control. I got better and got back into work, re-trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)  and Rapid Transformational Therapy, and here I am with a completely different life! Now I get to help others get their transformations.

 "I worked with Kirsty to help overcome my anxiety after hearing a really insightful talk by her on Anxiety. It was clear straight away of her experience & knowledge on the subject that she would be able to help me. All things Kirsty mentioned I related to straight away and it was clear she understood exactly how I felt"

Freedom From Anxiety is a group workshop  delivered live online 

I know anxiety can feel pretty heavy and even the thought of coming on a group workshop might make you anxious!

That's why in this workshop we'll take a light hearted look at the subject and realise its an entirely normal experience just like every other emotion we have. Did you know anxiety is the same feelings as excitement? It's just the voice in our heads that tell us to be afraid!

Over 2 hours I guide you safely through the experience with a group of like minded women who feel just like you do. And together we'll get self-aware, change some beliefs and learn simple yet powerful techniques so you can find freedom from anxiety, just like I did. 

After the live workshop you will:


Be aware of how you're "doing" anxiety

Recognise what sets you off & why

Feel more empowered & in control

Have an easy to use toolkit to manage your responses


This workshop is for you if...

  • You worry about everything going wrong so its safer not to try.

  • The constant worry is affecting your sleep and you feel exhausted all the time.

  • You’re not posting on social media because you’re scared of what people might think.

  • You’re not contributing in groups or going networking because you feel like a fraud and are too scared to show people who you are.

  • You feel sick at the thought of speaking in public or posting a Facebook  live.

  • You don’t have a social life as you worry about whether your friends actually like you. Or you don’t know the restaurant they suggested meeting at. Or you’re too afraid to get a taxi.

  • You feel isolated and lonely because no one understands what it’s like to cope with.

  • You might be worried because you notice your kids have started to display anxious behaviours, maybe repetitive actions, fears of going out, school.


But it's not just a live workshop... I'm also offering an additional bonus...

As a coach & therapist I know the value of having a support team. Someone to cheer you on, hold you accountable and help you practice what you've learned.


I want the change to stick, and I want you to have a safe space to try out what you've learned and which is why I'm creating a pop up Facebook Group just for the women who come on this workshop.

Bonus Facebook Group 

  • Weekly live group coaching  with me.

  • Chance to practice the techniques you learn on the course & ask questions. 

  • Additional tips and bonus resources.

  • Space to share wins & struggles.

  • Guest speakers talking about other ways to reduce anxiety & bring calmness into your life.

  • A supportive community of cheerleaders.

Bonus Relaxation Audio (value £27)

This audio relieves the anxious thoughts and feelings and re-programs your mind to respond better to the challenges life brings, leaving you feeling relaxed and confident.​

My professional recordings include bespoke music compositions that encourage your brain to go into a naturally hypnotic state.

Get on the waitlist now

This workshop is such amazing value. It’s a launch offer so won’t be offered at this price again

What My Clients Say

Kirsty is an excellent coach. She is calm, compassionate and non judgemental, and creates an environment and coaching relationship that is authentic and tailored to you.  She helped me work through a difficult stage in my life ..........I’ve got my sparkle back and it’s positively impacting all aspects of my life. It’s made a huge difference to me in both my personal and professional relationships....


I started working with Kirsty as my anxiety was too high to manage & my self-esteem was low. She has a lovely calming way about her an immediately put me at ease. She used different processes which helped me to understand why I felt like I did and importantly how I could change the feelings and patterns.



When is the live workshop?

28th November 10.00am - 12.00pm The session is a 2 hour interactive zoom session.

How long will the Facebook group support be?

The Facebook community will be open for a month after the live event, so you will have access to me for any questions, advice, and I'll also be bringing in guest speakers to give you a holistic view of how to manage your emotional wellbeing. You'll learn everything you need to know in the live workshop, and benefit from the additional coaching & tools I'll share in the group.


Will I really be able to overcome my anxiety?

Yes, absolutely! I'm confident that by using my 3 step programme and doing the exercises consistently you'll be able to get control over your anxious thoughts and respond better to stress.

You may discover some deeper causes of the anxiety as the way we respond to stress in adult life can often trace back to the past. Doing more inner work may be beneficial to resolve the root cause.

Can I get 1-1 coaching with Kirsty?

Any additional coaching support will be available after the workshop if you decide you want to delve deeper into the root cause of anxiety or anything else that you may discover during the course.

What is your refund policy?

You have 7 days to decide if the program is right for you and can contact us for a full refund. After 7 days, no refunds are allowed. If you can't make it on the day a recording will be available and you can still access the Facebook group for ongoing coaching support. BUT this is an experiential event and you'll get the most out of it being there live as part of a group of like minded people. 



I've turned my Unique approach of tapping into the power of the mind & using powerful practical tools into a simple 3 step system

Awareness + Belief Change + Toolkit =

Freedom from anxiety

Step 1


Learn how you do anxiety & spot your triggers​

Step 2

Belief Change

Discover the role of beliefs in anxiety & tackle yours

Step 3


Learn & practice powerful, effective techniques to deal with anxiety

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