4 Ways To Feel More Confident If You Struggle With Imposter Syndrome

I’m sure if I asked the majority of women to put their hands up if they had ever experienced imposter syndrome there would be a lot of hands in the air!

But what is it?

You’re constantly doubting your own ability and compare yourself to other people who you think are more successful than you.

You feel like you’re wearing a mask of confidence and courage but at any moment you’re scared it will slip and everyone will see you for the fraud you are.

You avoid situations where you need to “put yourself out there” incase people don’t like you. Or you make a mistake. Or someone else who’s the “real” expert calls you out.

At the heart of imposter syndrome is not feeling good enough. It’s strongly linked to perfectionism (that’s a whole other topic – read my blog on Perfectionism - The Impossible Goal ).

It’s also more prevalent in high achievers, which explains why so many budding entrepreneurs and career women struggle with it.

It’s really a collection of beliefs, thoughts and feelings that create a big scary block in your ability to move forward with your business and career goals.

Why does feeling like an imposter have such an impact on your ability to show up and take action?

Because if you feel like a fake, then you’re not going to show up as your true self. You’re going to hold back your opinions in social media posts. That’s if you can bring yourself to post at all!

You’re not going to do a live video because you don’t feel like an expert and are terrified of being judged.

You’re going to procrastinate (which in your mind looks like legitimate reasons why you can’t do something) and miss opportunities to showcase your business. You will probably avoid networking events, doing talks or anything else that puts you on the spot.

Because who are you to be the expert?