How Letting Love In Can Transform Your Life - Lessons From A Client Success Story

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

I love to share deeply transformational client experiences, and this one really touched me.

I’m sharing her full story so you can see what’s possible when you commit to the inner work and heal from painful childhood experiences.

Catherine came to me in July at rock bottom. She was a self-confessed workaholic and was exhausted and overwhelmed. A deep sense of feeling unloved and not being good enough had impacted her since childhood, and now at 48 her business and personal life had started to unravel and she was plagued with low self-esteem and self-doubt.

She wanted to be able to let love in, accept herself and feel comfortable in her own skin. She wanted more joy and laughter in her life. It was also clear that she had weak boundaries both at home and work and was over giving and not taking care of her own needs.

The effect of this was a difficult relationship with her husband and a business partner that wasn’t doing his fair share, leaving her to do all the work. She had some decisions she needed to make in her life and wanted the confidence to speak up and make the changes she so desperately needed to make to avoid burnout.

She had a Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) session to address the root cause of her lack of self-love and low self-esteem and several coaching sessions to integrate the positive changes into her life and help her make a clear plan to move forward in her business.

Catherine has transformed in so many ways, as she explains below.

Catherine’s story

I was struggling with feeling unloved since childhood. It affected my relationships with others as well as how I felt about myself. Despite reading lots of self-help books and trying other forms of help I still felt unloved, even by my children. My way of coping was to keep busy, work too hard and focus on everyone else. I became the extra helpful, useful person. I ignored myself and my own needs because I didn’t feel I mattered.

I’m a small business owner, and I worked myself into the ground. There was always so much work to do I was constantly overwhelmed and exhausted. I never felt good enough. I had no confidence in my abilities so I just hid in the background doing the doing rather than leading.

After working with Kirsty my life really did transform!

Just 4 months on I feel secure and happy with all aspects of my life and my confidence is so much higher. I feel everything has had an upgrade. My mind is not dwelling on past events and I look towards the future with optimism. I’m focusing on me, finding a good balance between work time and me time. I no longer allow others to treat me as they did before. I speak my mind calmly and easily and focus on what’s important and how to move forward rather than stewing on problems and feeling low.

I feel like a better, upgraded version of myself. I’m enjoying life more and my relationships with my family are so much better. Life is wonderful.