Lessons I Learned Going For My Dreams

Updated: Mar 7

Dreaming of ditching the day job to pursue your passion project but feeling stuck? You need to know this.

Picture this.

You’re sat in a beautiful beach bar, sun shining through the vine covered terrace. Chilled music plays in the background. You can feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, the freshness of the sea breeze on your face. The sky is that kind of dark blue you don’t seem to see often at home. As you look out to sea you notice people enjoying the beach, living in the moment.

You open up your laptop. Your emails bring a smile as you read all the updates from lovey people you’ve helped telling you how their lives have transformed as a result of working with you or reading your blogs. Today you’ve decided to use your creative flair and blog about something close to your heart. It doesn’t matter what you write its your choice. It doesn’t matter what time you stop or start. Its your choice. You’re free. And you’re AT WORK.

That was my business dream. I imagined being one of those digital nomad type people who could live and work anywhere. Just me, a laptop, and of course, matching stationery.

I’ve not actually achieved that yet. The pandemic is not my friend. But I know it’s going to happen.

Because I’m making it happen.

Do you have a dream like this? Maybe not working from a beach bar in the sun. It could be freedom to spend time with your family, be there for your kids. To pursue multiple passions and turn them into an income. Or maybe you’ve just had enough of the hamster wheel of doing the same thing every day. Or of the boss you hate working for. Or the stress and pressure of corporate life.

If you’re like me you’re one of those people who have always had some deeper desire to create a life of meaning and purpose. You probably enjoy helping others improve in some way. To make a difference. You have a gift or talent that you want to share with the world, you’re just not sure how and you’re actually a bit scared.

But the fear of not doing something about it scares you more.

The time never seems to be right. And maybe the risk feels too high. But you know you’re capable of more and when you commit to something you give it your all.

Is that enough?

I can tell you that until you start you’ll never know. The biggest risk is not that we might fail in our business venture, it’s that we stay where we are and fail at life. And as I know all too well, that leads to burnout.

Burnout isn’t just caused by overwork and stress. Simply feeling unhappy day to day and not li