How To Build a Strong Mental Foundation And Why It Can Transform Your Life

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Woman relaxing. Stress free. Kirsty Venghaus  Transformation Coach
Transform your life

Doing the "inner work" may seem scary or difficult, but it can be as simple as using a few tips to calm the mind, reduce stress and anxiety, and build your confidence to deal with life's challenges.

I took the opportunity during lockdown to take a really good look at myself as a business owner. What was my vision? Was I set up in a way that would help me achieve that? Where was my time going?What systems or processes did I need to create to be more efficient? And crucially, how was my mindset? Where was I mentally struggling and where was I holding myself back? It made me think about the role of strong foundations in everything we do and inspired this month's blog.

We all know how important it is to start with a strong foundation when we’re building something that’s got to work well and stand up to stress.

A business could collapse without effective processes and systems. Buildings could collapse without strong footings. Society could collapse without collective beliefs and rules. But what about our minds? We often ignore, or don’t even notice what’s happening in our inner world. But yes, your mind could collapse without strong foundations.

If your mind’s equivalent of footings, processes, systems, beliefs and rules are not working properly, your stress tolerance is going to be low. If they're not directed towards your vision, they will hold you back in life.

It took a complete mental breakdown for me to learn this the hard way. Everything just seemed to happen to me. I was totally out of control, on auto pilot, reacting to everything. I didn’t have a strong mental foundation to operate from. I didn’t understand what was happening, what had gone wrong, and the worse thing was that I didn’t know how to fix it. You can learn more about that story in my blog "From Breakdown to Breakthrough"

There’s huge concern today about the impact the pandemic is having on people’s mental health so it’s more important than ever to be aware of what’s going on in our own heads and start to become more familiar with the inner workings of our minds and how we can regain some control of it.

Understanding ourselves at this deeper level is a journey. We spend years layering on beliefs and habits as we go through the experience of life, so the layers have to be carefully peeled back with curiosity and compassion in order for us to choose what we want to keep, and what we can do without.

"A tree with strong roots laughs at storms" - Proverb

It does take conscious attention and a willingness to go inward and do the work on yourself. Most of us are only forced to change when there is a crisis.

Seeing as we’re all in a global one right now, I want to share with you 4 things you can do to start to strengthen your own mental foundations.